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Glowforge Lens Tool

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Aftermarket lens tool for the Glowforge lasers. 

This tool has a few upgrades over the original tool. First off the magnet is larger. This is to prevent the breaking that is common with the original magnet. This does result in a slightly higher magnetic strength. Next, this magnet is glued in place to avoid having the magnet fall off as happens with the original tool. 

These 3d printed lens tools are made in house at Foothills Laser Supply. Four colors; Black, Dark Grey, White and Orange, are available now.

All Foothills Laser Supply 3d printed products are made with PETG. PETG is a strong plastic that is slightly flexible. PETG is also heat resistant and will not deform under normal conditions. All Foothills Laser Supply 3d printed products have a 1 year warranty against breakage, this does not include accidental laser cuts. Just send us a photo of what broke so we can improve our design and we will send you a replacement.